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Warehouses and logistics are two important components of the supply chain that play a critical role in the effective delivery of goods and services. Warehouses are facilities where goods are stored until they are ready for shipment, while logistics involves planning, controlling and coordinating the transportation and storage of goods.

Warehouses provide a variety of benefits to companies that produce and distribute goods. They allow companies to keep goods in stock so they can respond quickly to customer requests. They also allow companies to effectively organize and manage their goods for easy access and availability. Warehouses can also serve as buffers to bridge supply shortages and unforeseen events.

Logistics, on the other hand, is responsible for moving goods effectively and efficiently from the warehouse to the destination. It involves planning the route, organizing the means of transport and monitoring the transport. Through effective logistics, companies can shorten their delivery times and minimize the cost of transporting and storing goods.

Modern technology has revolutionized the warehousing and logistics industry. The use of automated systems and robots has increased the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse processes. The introduction of GPS tracking and other advanced monitoring systems has improved the tracking of goods in transit and made it easier to plan routes and deliveries.

It is important for companies to develop effective warehousing and logistics strategies to optimize their supply chain. Effective planning and organization, as well as choosing the right technology and means of transportation, can help maximize the efficiency of warehouse and logistics processes. This can help increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase competitiveness in the marketplace.

Overall, warehouses and logistics play a critical role in the effective and efficient delivery of goods and services. By developing and implementing effective strategies, companies can optimize their supply chain and achieve their business goals.

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We also offer the complete range of services of warehouse logistics from a single source. The main task of our specialists is logistic planning and organization. This includes, among other things, activities of control and monitoring of storage and transport operations, such as receipt of goods, their proper storage, loading, electronic management, as well as control and preparation of necessary shipping and accompanying documents. Our qualified warehouse personnel will be happy to assist you with picking, dividing, palletizing and packing your goods.

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Our Location

Am Terminal 5A
8402 Werndorf