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Special transports are special transports that cannot be transported in the conventional way due to their size, weight or other special requirements. These transports require special equipment and expert knowledge to be carried out safely and effectively.

An example of a special transport is the transportation of heavy machinery or equipment that does not fit in standard trucks. This type of transportation requires special trucks with greater capacity and special lifting equipment to load and unload the machinery. Other examples of special transportation may include the transport of wind turbines, construction equipment, heavy-duty containers, and special chemical materials.

Special transports require careful planning and coordination to ensure that the transport runs smoothly and that all regulations are met. Faulty planning or execution of a special transport can pose significant risks to employee safety and the environment.

There are also specialized companies that specialize in special transportation and have the necessary expertise and equipment to perform this type of transport. These companies can handle the entire transportation process, from planning and approval to delivery at the destination, ensuring compliance with all regulations and safety standards.

Overall, specialized transportation requires specialized expertise and equipment to be performed safely and effectively. By working with specialized companies, businesses can ensure that their special transports are carried out smoothly and safely, while maintaining compliance with regulations and safety standards.

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Trucking offers numerous advantages over other transportation methods. Here are some of the most important advantages:

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why wenzel?

You want to ship your goods with special dimensions or weights at home or abroad and are looking for an experienced specialist you can trust?

Or do you plan to have your goods transported safely and on time to the place of destination via trimodal transport (road, water, rail)?

All this is a question of a well thought-out and consistently perfectly functioning logistics chain!

If you also need customs clearance, we would be happy to help!

We are your “troubleshooter” when it comes down to it!

Wenzel Logistics has many years of experience in the field of customized transport solutions.

Since 2016, our Vienna-based department “Project and Special Transport” has been operating very successfully, which is responsible for project handling, construction site logistics, shipping of complete industrial and wind power plants and all related preparations and official channels.

Some of the department’s employees have more than 27 years of project experience and operate nationally/internationally/worldwide.

The range of services includes:

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Our Location

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