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Sea freight is one of the most important and common transport methods for international trade. More and more companies use this method of transportation to move goods from one continent to another by sea. This type of transportation offers many advantages, such as the possibility of transporting large quantities of goods, the favorable cost compared to other transportation methods and the flexibility to transport different types of goods.

Ocean freight can be divided into different categories, such as full container load (FCL) and partial container load (LCL). In FCL, an entire container is used to transport a single shipment, while in LCL, multiple shipments are transported in a single container. The choice between these two categories depends on various factors, such as the quantity and type of goods, the cost, and the destination.

Another important aspect of ocean freight is choosing the appropriate shipping company and route. There are many shipping companies offering ocean freight services, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to choose a shipping company that is reliable, experienced and has good transportation infrastructure. It is also important to choose the appropriate route to minimize transportation time and optimize costs.

The ocean freight industry is also regulated by various international standards and regulations such as the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the Convention on the Contract for the Carriage of Goods by Sea (Hamburg Rules). These standards and regulations ensure the safety and protection of people, property and the environment during transportation by sea.

Overall, ocean freight offers many benefits and is an important method of transportation for international trade. However, effective planning and organization are necessary to take full advantage of the benefits and ensure smooth and successful transportation.

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In addition to our core business of road and intermodal transport, we have also specialized in ocean freight since 2016. The range of services includes the management and control of shipment handling from general cargo (LCL) to container full truck load (FCL). In addition, our sea freight team has handled some large project business.

The sea freight team of Wenzel Logistics GmbH offers its customers a reliable door to door service. Our team takes care of the organization of both domestic and international traffic routing operations. From transshipment to conventional shipping as RORO/Breal Bulk. The employees of the department have more than 20 years of sea freight experience.

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Our Location

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