Corporate policy

Wenzel logistics GmbH considers itself as a service provider, striving for long-term partnerships based on performance and success.

• Maintaining efficiency with improved profitability
• Services ensuring optimal customer satisfaction
• Added value for the customer thanks to optimal logistics solutions

These are the solutions we implement for renowned companies, and develop according to individual requirements. At the same time, Wenzel logistics pursues its goal to specialise as logistics provider in the liberalised market.

We achieve this through:

Customer confidence

  • Logistical services and services with high customer orientation in the long-term is our business
  • Consistent orientation to the needs of our customers
  • Flexible and efficient planning, optimal route planning

Supplier confidence

  • Good cooperation and permanent exchange of Information with our hauliers 
  • We select our international hauliers following determined Quality standards
  • Quality guidlines for our hauliers for mutual benefit


  • Ensuring constant readliness of our fleet
  • Regular maintenance works and servicing at selected specialist workshops
  • Ensuring good working conditions through compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Corporate infrastructure and working environment oriented on cutting edge technology

Our potential for success - our employees

  • Highly qualified staff with great enthusiasm for innovative partner solutions
  • Training with a focus on logistics solutions